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Artiste peintre Drish

Pro Immatriculé 88122894400016

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My paintings are personal interpretations, they have a decorative styles using pattern and dots. I like when everything is embellished and where my expression has no restrictions and censorship. I have a strong sense of feminism and usually let this dictate the direction of the painting. The artistic representation of a woman’s understanding of her own body might be confronting and offensive to others. I find my inspiration through my personal experiences and the palette of colours that nature displays which I am surrounded by.

Pays : RE Réunion


Aucune évasion n'est possible quand les murs goêle

Dolls of nature




Au-delà des souffrances, le retour serein à la fém


Love in Idleness


l'homme à l'oiseau visionnaire

béate d'être tenue et guidée, elle ignorait le mon